• Auto Part Repairs Simple As...

    One: Search for your auto part and book a service order

    Two: Remove your part and ship it to us however you want

    Three: Once we receive your part we repair it and send it back within 24 hours with Free priority shipping

    Auto Part Repairs Simple As...
  • Have a high dollar auto repair bill bue to auto electronics?

    Seach for your auto part and see if we can't cut your repair bill in half!

  • Need removal and installation guides?

    Find your auto part removal guide at our new Auto Part Repair Learning Center

  • We fix all sorts of issues

    Most Common Auto Part Failures:

    • Instrument cluster display not readable
    • Back-lighting intermittently flickers
    • Speedometer displays incorrect speed
    • Sticking, Fluttering or Intermittent Gauges

    Auto parts are expensive as they have to justfy the cost of the vehicle. We know better and will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars! So why throw your money away buying a new part when you can repair your part at a fraction of the cost.

  • To DIY or Not To DIY

    If you're technical then we have the parts and repair guides. Visit our new AutoParts.Repair Learning Center for more info on our repair guide subscriptions.

    If not, we can repair your part at fraction of the cost of a repacement part. 

    To DIY or Not To DIY
  • Services are 100% Guaranteed

    Our Services Are 100% Guaranteed* or your Money Back and we will stand by it!

    Watch out for the overnight companies on eBay promising a lifetime warranty.

    *Guarantee lengths vary.  See part service for details.

    Services are 100% Guaranteed
  • Got A Cluster #@&$?

    • Instrument Cluster is dim or has no back-lighting
    • Multi Information Display (MID) LCD screen has missing pixels
    • Display or back-lighting intermittently flickers
    • Gas, temperature, oil, fuel, speedometer, tachometer gauges read incorrectly
    • Speedometer displays incorrect speed
    • Sticking, Fluttering or Intermittent Gauges
    Got A Cluster #@&$?
  • Repeat Customers Earn Reward Points

    With every order you place you earn Reward Dollars that you can use toward future purchases.

  • Got the Display Blues?

    If your cluster display is fading, pixelated (missing pixels), a gauge not working or some other issue then you found your place.

  • Easy pricing, booking and tracking

    We provide easy pricing, booking and tracking right through our site so you can track your service order's progress.
    Create an account to keep track of your order through our efficient management system.

    Easy pricing, booking and tracking
  • Think Green!

    Repairing your part helps save our environment by eliminating waste of thrown away parts which will also cut down on excess production of additional parts.  Less production means less pollution.

    With a little maintenance your original part can be restored to better than new condition.

    Think Green!
  • No Programming Necessary

    No programming or coding of you part is necessary and your mileage and vehicle settings will not change since it's your part.

    No Programming Necessary
Automotive Electronic Part Repair Services

At AutoParts.Repair we have easy to follow repair solutions that will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars over buying an OEM replacement part.  Removing your faulty auto part is relatively easy that almost anyone can perform with simple tools.  Removal and Installation Guides are now part of our NEW Learning Center

If tools aren't your thing most repair shops can assist you in the removal of your part.

Once you have your part out and ready to ship then it’s easy as one, two, three...

Select your vehicle and place a repair order through our site.

We fix your part and send it back with Free 2-Day return shipping.

Re-install Your Original Part back in your car.

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Instrument clusters mileage & VIN data clearing Tuesday, January 10, 2017

We can reset most instrument clusters to their original factory data setting.

Motor Vehicle Odometer Statements Friday, January 06, 2017

Motor Vehicle Odometer Statements

Removal & Installation Guides

Auto Part Removal and Installation Guides are now part of our New Online Learning Center.

Auto Part Repair Guides

To learn about our New subsription based Auto Part Repair Guides visit our LearningCenter.AutoParts.Repair