Odometer Disclosures.

We take mileage tampering seriously and have provided the following links for your information.

By default if you do business with us the "General Release of Liability for Service Performed" is in effect.

It is not a criminal offense to adjust a vehicle odometer reading; however selling a vehicle with the intention to defraud the odometer reading is a criminal offense. Our service of digital odometers repairs is always in accordance with local laws. It is unlawful to reset odometers to read less than the true mileage of the any motor vehicle. It is the customer’s responsibility to seek legal advice regarding compliance within their local laws. Clusters with zero mileage will come with an odometer replacement sticker that must be affixed to the drivers' door jamb. AutoParts.Repair reserves the right to refuse any work or sales for any reason without question.

The following is the Federal Law 92-513 Title IV pertaining to Odometer Requirements ODOMETER REQUIREMENTS - Federal Law 92-513 Title IV

If there is a potential for mileage alteration we will require you to email a signed copy of the ODOMETER MILEAGE STATEMENT AFFIDAVIT

If you are having a part reset to defaults email a signed copy of the ODOMETER MILEAGE RESET AFFIDAVIT

The following is a general vehicle sale disclosure if you have a mileage discrepancy ODOMETER DISCLOSURE STATEMENT

The following is a the odometer replacement sticker if you have changed the cluster without adjusting the true mileage - ODOMETER REPLACEMENT STICKER