New Automotive Electronics Discussion Forums

Automotive Electronics Discussion Forums

Introducing our New Automotive Electronics Discussion Forums the place to go where you can ask questions relating to a specific electrical issue or auto part problem for a particular vehicle.

If you have questions about an electronic problem with your car we have your answers. Ranging from shorts in wiring harnesses to CAN bus data lingo we CAN speak digital.

New to AutoParts.Repair?

We started out as back in 2002 and decided to change our name a few years back. We began repairing VDO instrument clusters and have since grown to include all automotive electronic part manufactures. We specialize in speedometer and odometer repairs, instrument cluster gauge repair, and other electronic dashboard components like heater controls, body controls, navigation repairs to say the least. We CAN also design and prototype custom automotive tools and CAN bus monitoring devices.

New Lower Prices on Popular Services

We also slashed our pricing on several popular services like "The Original Pixel Repair Service for BMW" to just $159.00 that covers all 7-series, 5-series, x5 and motorsport vehicles (e38, e39, e53). Free return shipping included.

Get you module or cluster fixed right the first time.

With AutoParts.Repair you can count on quality replacement components to ensure that your part out lasts your car. We also go the extra mile and polish out clear plastic housings restoring your part back to that new factory look.

We are located in Denver, Colorado and provide free priority express 1-3 day return shipping for most parts.

Typical turnaround time is within 1-2 business days for most repairs. We also go the extra mile and polish out clear plastic housings restoring your part back to that new factory look.

Need to book a service?

We work with new and used car dealerships, independent automotive repair shops, auto body shops, service auto fleets and state and city and of course private vehicle owners. We provide services nationwide and around the world.

Our Repair Service Catalog is located at http://Service.AutoParts.Repair


Saving You Money

We will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars over buying an OEM replacement part for expensive items like original equipment instrument clusters, stereo radios, CD/DVD players, navigation systems, climate controllers, general modules, body controllers, window controllers, LED lights, engine controllers and on.
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Customer Testimonials

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Great work, pleasant to deal with, fast turn-over, Highly Recommended to all
 - pumpkinfinecars
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