1989-2001 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class (W129) Instrument Cluster Repair Service

Models Covered:
Mercedes SL-Class, Mercedes 1989-2001 300SL, Mercedes 3/1989-6/1993 300SL, Mercedes 3/1989-6/1993 SL280, Mercedes 7/1993-6/1998 SL280, Mercedes 6/1998-6/2001 SL320, Mercedes 6/1993-6/1998 SL320, Mercedes 6/1998-7/2001 500SL/SL500, Mercedes 3/1989-6/1998 SL500, Mercedes 6/1998-7/2001 600SL/SL600 7/1992-5/2001,

Manufacturer: Mercedes

Mercedes Benz SL-Class (W129) Instrument Cluster Odometer Repair Service

Models Covered
SL-Class (w129) 1989-2001

Part Problem

  • Information display failure
  • Odometer and other information is hard to read
  • Back Lights are faded, dim or not working
  • Display is missing pixels and is hard to read the miles
  • Gauges are failing, intermittent or max-out
  • Gauges and display are dead and do not work
  • Problems communicating with the unit
  • Diagnostic devices will not talk to the module
  • The cluster loses power intermittently

General Service Repair Description

  • Diagnose stated issues and repair unit
  • Check for additional issues
  • Replace bulbs and faulty leds
  • Polish glass housing and restore unit to like new condition

Warranty: 1-Year Service Repair Guarantee