Ghostly Possibilities of Drive-by-Wire

Ghostly Possibilities of Drive-by-Wire

Since developing tools for diagnosis, studying vehicle networks and reviewing past incidents ARP has become concerned with the possibilities of Drive-by-Wire or Ghost Jacking.

As demonstrated by UCSD a CAN bus attack has been proven via a remote connection to an insecure network. Yet no mention has been made of a Ghost Jacked vehicle. A Ghost Jacked vehicle is one that has a foreign device directly attached to the CAN wires. Several past automobile deaths labeled as accidents are very strange and appear to be Ghost Jacked vehicles.

Most vehicles have multiple CAN bus networks. A power train bus provides access to several critical components such as the automatic transmission, electronic throttle and breaking systems many of which are controlled by CAN communication. It would be fairly simple to access each bus and take control of a vehicle to send it into a wall or tree. An accident investigation wouldn’t know the difference.

Currently newer cars from 2014 on have a black box that is federally mandated and is in cooperation with Intel Corporation who is the patent holder. Unfortunately a black box will not stop an Ghost Jacker.

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