Repair Info

Repair Materials

We remanufacture your own cluster with improved materials which exceeds the factory specs and provides us with the ability to offer longer guarantees.

It's Your Cluster

Since you are not replacing your cluster you do not need to reprogram the cluster to match your vehicle's specifications hence your mileage and settings will remain the same. 

Remanufactured Cluster FAQs

Replacement high-end clusters sell retail for $800-$3500+ US Dollars depending on your location and vehicle manufacturer. These clusters are not new they are remanufactured to the same specifications as the original and will usually fail again since they have not corrected the design error.  There have been four attempts to correct the pixel issue problem, and these attempts have not solved the problem.  Currently we repair as many newer models as old.

Dealer Labor Charges

Dealers charge approximately three to five times our lowest cost for their remanufactured replacement units plus an additional $100 to $189 to install and program the cluster.

eBay and Junkyard Cluster FAQs

If you choose to purchase a used cluster from either eBay or a junkyard you'll have a hard time getting it programmed to match your car and if you don't program it you'll have a harder time selling your car.  BMW for example has a mileage tamper indicator that will illuminate when the unit is not programmed to match your vehicle's VIN and transmission.

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